Whether you’re a professional landscaper or homeowner, you need the best equipment possible to handle any and all outdoor obstacles. A simple rake and push-activated lawn mower aren’t going to be enough to handle all the tasks you’re likely you deal with on any given weekend. For jobs and large and small, you’ll want the latest and greatest in ergonomic power tools to help get the job done.

Petrol Blowers

Regardless of the climate, a petrol powered leaf blower is an essential item for any avid outdoor handyman. After a long day of trimming your lawn or gathering fallen leaves, you need a quick and effective solution to gather the remnants. With a rake and garbage bag, it may take several hours to organize a large lawn or backyard. Instead of using a rake, upgrade to a high-powered blower.

Often known as “leaf blowers,” these blowing devices are good for more than just leaves. Most high-quality blowers feature multiple power settings that even allow for blowing or vacuuming mulch, small rocks, and other debris. If you’re concerned about fumes or petrol consumption, don’t worry. Most quality blowers are environmentally safe, and they are extremely efficient as far as fuel is concerned.

Look for a blower that features an ergonomic design and a variety of extra options.


Perhaps the most recognizable of power tools, a chainsaw is a must-have addition to any outdoorsman’s equipment collection. Chainsaws are ideal for outdoor work thanks to their ergonomic design, portability, and compact power. Even the smallest of chainsaws have enough power to grind their way through most trees and other natural obstacles. If you’re trying to clear tall brush or small trees, a chainsaw should be your primary tool for the job.

Because chainsaws are handheld and feature a large exposed saw blade, safety should always be a primary concern. Look for saws that feature built-in tension controls to prevent blades from inadvertently locking up during operation. You’ll also want a chainsaw that features a vibration absorbing handle. If the saw is used for extended periods of time, it can cause extreme discomfort if most of the shock of the motor absorbed by your hand rather than the handle.

For enhanced performance, make sure you invest in a chainsaw with a self-priming automatic oiling system. This ensures the saw safely activates and performs with brilliant efficiency. One of the best suppliers of these advanced chainsaws is Hitachi tool Melbourne.


If you’re obsessed with having perfectly manicured lawns or hedges, you need to invest in trimmers. Trimmers are basically large, high-powered saws with pinpoint blades. Trimmers will allow you to make thin cuts across large volumes of grass or brush. Trimmers are meant for grass or leaves, but some high powered tree trimmers are capable of churning through small tree branches as well.

While they are very efficient cutting devices, trimmers should be primarily used for trimming through foliage rather than more demanding cutting jobs.

With just a few of the aforementioned tools, you’ll be to handle just about any outdoor job imaginable.