The Volkswagen Passat GTE is the plug-in hybrid version of the cast Volkswagen Passat, which was voted 2015 Car of the Year 2015. At present there is the addition of 15% but in 2017 it goes to 22%, so do not longer and start driving your Volkswagen Passat GTE!


The advantages

The Volkswagen GTE offers numerous benefits. The car has four positions: fully electric drive, hybrid drive, battery charging or GTE. Especially the latter – GTE – provides an extra sporty driving with petrol and electric motor work together to find the maximum performance.

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Other important advantages of this car are:

# The spacious interior

Especially for families but not least: the interior of a car. At the Volkswagen Passat GTE denotes good. The driver can create an ideal seating position that the seat in all directions can be adjusted. But also in the back denotes spacious and easy. There is plenty of legroom and the luggage – thanks to the small battery pack – plenty of volume.

# Charge Anywhere

At home in the driveway, at work or any other public place: you can now charge your electric car in many places (ask the precise public charging points in the city). By home to set a charging station charges your car faster than with a standard power outlet. A charging station is water and dirt resistant and therefore safe.

# Cost saving drive

Thanks to the electric and / or hybrid drive, you save on your monthly expenses. The first 50 kilometers to work, you can almost completely full electric vehicles. Then he automatically switches to petrol. Once at work, you can seamlessly recharge the battery in just 2.5 hours, thus driving back home. In some cases, pay your employer or leasing company that electricity costs. Because of this you will drive additional cost to and from work. In addition, the range of the Volkswagen Passat GTE is large, so you can ride many kilometers without problems. This car has a theoretical range of up to 1,114 kilometers!

# Handy apps

Do you recognize that? After parking your car you walk away and after about ten minutes ask yourself suddenly wondering if the doors are closed? Volkswagen plays it perfectly with the Volkswagen App. On the dashboard of the app shows you are close at a glance whether the doors where your car is parked and the handbrake on it. You can also compare your behavior with that of other Volkswagen drivers. This allows you see if you possibly can adjust your driving habits and thus can save on fuel. The Apple CarPlay offers several advantages; Play your own music, navigate with Apple Maps and use the voice control with Siri. The advantage of this app is that it also responds to the buttons on your car. Lease for January 1, 2017 and save!

A number of changes are being implemented by January 1, 2017 as regards the car tax. Last July, the Senate approved increases for the addition to plug-in hybrid cars. At present, this additional tax of 15%, in 2017 it goes to 22%. Benefit therefore now quickly the advantageous features, such as the Volkswagen GTE! Leasing business via this route profitable and it’s definitely worth it! There are various models of the Volkswagen (Limousine and Variant) stock, which you can profit. When you pay a 15% additional tax for five years, you save up to € 113 per month. That’s a whopping € 6,780 after five years! It is absolutely advantageous to purchase a leased car before January 1, 2017.