The Honda Corporation is synonymous with excellent quality. Honda is famous for producing top class automobiles, motorcycles and scooters. The reputation of Honda is one reason it does not ever put any product in the market if that product does not meet its excellent standards. Now, this is true about the Honda PS125. In fact, this bike is a great combination of style, speed, comfort and pure class.

This Honda PS125 review will mention all the features of this bike so you can read and get all the information you need before you go for this classic motorcycle. The first selling point of this bike is comfort. The large seat ensures that once you mount this bike, you are in a commanding position. This gives you a great feeling as you move in and out of traffic. In addition, this bike is rugged, well-built and dependable.


This bike comes with a 125cc engine and can give you a speed of 65mph. However, you get the best ride at around 50mph which is quite respectable. Talking about speed, this bike is truly powerful for a scooter because it is fast off the line. Just accelerate and you will zoom in a matter of seconds. This bike has a fuel injection system and it is a liquid-cooled 4-stroke. Its maximum torque is 11.5 Nm/7,000min-1 and it has a comp ratio off 11-1. Another great quality of this bike is fuel efficiency. Many users claim they get an incredible 100 mph per tank of gas and this is truly great. The seat is roomy and has generous storage space so you can fit your helmet, gloves and other gear under the seat.

This bike is not called the PS125 for nothing because the PS stands for perfect scooter. The bike is light, sleek and attractive. It is affordable for people on a budget and it has many excellent features. It also comes with linked brakes and this is great for people who have a hard time braking in a smooth manner. As expected, Honda has scored a winner again. The Honda PS125 is an excellent product. If you need more information about this bike, just log on to