It’s tough living in the Inland Empire with all its chain stores and generic ways of life. Nothing is interesting, artisan, creative, or joyful. It’s just a place to wait around until you eventually die, hopefully during mid age. What’s the point of even living in the Inland Empire, you might ask, when Los Angeles is so close, or you could live in San Diego, or even the Bay Area? Well, the answer is “”nothing”” unless you find ways to spice up your life so that you can actually beat the Inland Empire blues and lead a fulfilling and fun life. Here are some things you can do so that you can wake up each day and not be disappointed.

Home Cooked Meals

The thing about the Inland Empire is that there really isn’t a lot of good restaurants, mostly just Olive Gardens and Wendys. What’s the point of eating out of the food is all generic and bad for you? In order to truly beat the blues you must learn to be a good cook and make food that you really want to eat. You can get into delicious vegetables and pieces of meat that are difficult to cook. You’ll learn a lot about what it is to be a cook, so you will have a new life skill, and also eat well in a place where eating well is nearly impossible. You can shop at Ralphs but you’d probably be better off shopping at Sprouts. They have some real fresh produce there.

Buy New Cars

The thing about the Inland Empire is that if you don’t drive a cool car, you’re going to be really bored. All there is to do is drive from place to place. There’s no other way about it. You have to get in that car and go somewhere. The idea of leaving the house and walking somewhere is all but a fantasy unless you’re just going to get the mail upon its delivery. So you better get yourself a good car that you’re going to love. You can stop in at the Chevy dealer in Rancho Cucamonga and see that they are selling cars at a competitive and affordable price and you might think, you know what? I can afford one! Start shopping for a new car online at

Go for a Walk

Young Woman Exercising
On the same idea, you don’t get a chance to walk much so you might as well force yourself to. Is the store a mile away? That’s okay, walk there and take a cab home, or walk both ways. Anything to get your blood flowing! You will be reluctant at first but soon you’ll realize that there really is nothing better than getting some exercise during an activity you might otherwise drive and therefore not get any exercise. It’ll contribute to overall general well being. You’ll thank me later as you feel your life extending.