Maruti Suzuki, the nation’s leading car builder has offered the car buyers in the country many best selling cars at affordable prices. In fact, affordable cars with reasonably good features, high mileage and great utility have been the features that set apart the Maruti cars from others. Accordingly, the success rate enjoyed by Maruti is beyond comparison. The Maruti cars like Maruti 800 and Maruti Alto have been adjudged the most sold cars ever in India. The carmaker has mastered the art of providing the buyers with cars that meet the basic travel needs of people across various segments. As the time and tastes of people changes, Maruti has also altered its technologies and features to suit these changes.

A prime example of the carmaker taking into account the changing times and tastes is the recently introduced car, Celerio. This car made huge waves in the market, thanks to the introduction of the AMT technology. Unlike a fully automatic car, the cars with AMT offer the driver the option not to employ the clutch while engaging the gears. An electronic control unit, together with a hydraulic system, controls the use of the clutch and gear changes in the AMT version. As a result, the driver is able to shift gears either automatically or in succession. Thus, even though a car with AMT is not technically an automatic car, it nonetheless offers the convenience of an automatic.

Maruti Celerio is the first car to offer this technology in India, and the fact that it is offered in a hatchback has contributed to the immense popularity of the model. The Celerio had accounted for record pre-launch bookings, with the AMT variant selling more numbers than the manual variant. Because of this huge success, Maruti is expected to offer the AMT technology on all its upcoming models. In addition, buoyant by the achievement of the AMT technology, even the competitors of Maruti have now started offering this feature in their cars.

Maruti Celerio price ranging from INR 376385/- to 478869/-, making it one of the most affordable automatic hatchbacks in India. Celerio runs on a 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder, 67 bhp, and 90Nm K-Series petrol engine. Apart from AMT variant, it is also offered in a traditional five-speed automatic manual transmission gearbox. It returns an impressive mileage of 23.1 kmpl, which adds to the popularity of the car.

Although the car is compact from outside, it is spacious enough on the inside. Celerio offers a good balance between affordability, reliability, practicality, compactness and spaciousness. It is reasonably safe with features like airbags and EZ Drive. The car is big enough to accommodate five adults. It has enough boot space to carry their luggage as well.