Toyota vehicles are known for their reliability, great gas mileage and outstanding list of standard features. Many people associate the name Toyota with the type of vehicle that will last you forever, as long as you do general maintenance and change the oil regularly. In fact, Toyotas are so good that 80% of the cars sold 20 years ago are still on the road today! That is quite an accomplishment and not one that many other car companies can claim. Furthermore, in the J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study of 2012, Toyota-manufactured vehicles won eight of the spots.

Toyota makes many different types of cars to suit the needs of different drivers. Some of the most popular models of cars that have made throughout the years are the Corolla, introduced in 1966, and the Camry, which has been a best-selling car for the past eleven of twelve years.

The compact Corolla is known for the smoothness of its ride and the mid-size Camry is known for its five-passenger seating and its options, such as four-cylinder, V6 or hybrid engines. The sub-compact Yaris is their most affordable car and is considered to be “sporty,” with its three-door or five-door lift back. The newest Toyota car is the full-size Avalon, which is a premium driving vehicle that combines comfort with the latest technology for fuel efficiency.

For decades, Toyota has an industry leader with its amazing fuel efficiency. As more people have been concerned about the environment and the pollution caused by fossil fuels, Toyota has responded with an amazing answer: the Prius Hybrid. Prius was introduced fourteen years ago and changed the industry standard by making hybrid fuel technology mainstream. It is the best-selling hybrid car on the planet. The Prius has a gas and battery combination, allowing it to run on battery power and then fall back on the gas engine as a reserve. In terms of safety, the latest Prius model boasts seven air bags!

With so many options, dependability, safety features and the industry vanguard in fuel efficiency, it is hard to beat Toyota! These cars are built to last and are very driver-friendly to own. Many people are long-time, loyal Toyota customers and there is a very good reason why. No matter what your preferences when it comes to owning a car, there is something for every taste and lifestyle when purchasing a Toyota. You can shop for a quality new Toyota near Tappan or at your local dealer.