The purpose of an oil filter is to remove the foreign particles that get into the engine oil. If this is not done the contaminated oil will damage the engine. Fixing the engine is extremely expensive and you want to avoid any damage to it at all costs. It is much cheaper and easier to replace the oil filter when it gets dirty and stops working properly. Also don’t forget to change the oil from time to time.

There are several types of oil filters available:

  • Mechanical filters use a bulk material to trap the foreign particles. When a large amount of those accumulates in the material, the oil flow is affected, and you need to change the filter.
  • A magnetic filter uses a magnet to attract ferromagnetic particles. It is a practical solution since you can easily remove the particles from the magnet’s surface to keep it clean.
  • A sedimentation filter uses gravity, which makes the particles that are heavier than oil settle on the bottom of the filter. The disadvantage, however, is the impossibility to filter lighter elements.

There are other types of oil filters, but they are produced in minor scale and hence harder to find.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, but no matter your preference, you have to choose an oil filter build with high-quality materials, so it can protect the car’s engine from damage. VAICO oil filters are made using the best materials available, and car owners all over the world choose them to guarantee the security of the engine.

Not all oil filters are suitable for a given car model. If you are not sure about what type you should buy, speak with an auto mechanic. Also, don’t try to replace it yourself, if you don’t know how. It is preferable to pay a little bit more for the service and know that you will not have any problems because you did something wrong.

Info from www.OnlineCarParts.Co.Uk